Chapsticks Out. Phones ready. Get Kissing.

I had a good idea this week – how to get you involved in the project and be part of the video for ‘Your Love’.

There is so much bad stuff going on in the world I thought of a really simple way how to express what this song ‘Your Love’ is all about, and this is what I want you to do.

I want to symbolise the kiss in the ‘Your Love’ video. So I want you guys to kiss. I want you to kiss your partners, and film it, in slow in motion (if possible). I want young people, old people, all my gay and lesbian friends, children, everybody.

When you have recorded your 10sec or so kiss I want you to send it to me via DROPBOX to by Monday 7 December.

Be sure to include the first name of the two people in the clip kissing so we can include that in the vision.

This is your chance to really be a part of The Jason Singh Project. So go on get kissing!

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